GRESILVA® is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of Grills and other equipment for the hospitality industry.

In the early 80s, attentive to the market needs, Amândio Machado da Silva dedicated himself to the creation of the Vertical Electric Grill as a healthier solution to achieve high-quality grilling, eventually being awarded the Gold Medal at the International Inventors Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1981.

This recognition encouraged Amândio Silva to found GRESILVA in 1984.
Highly praised by the Germans, Amândio Silva was motivated to develop a horizontal grill with the same concept – lateral heat outside the grilling area – for the preparation of healthy grilled dishes.

In 1993, the Gas Horizontal Grill was launched, considered by its users as a major innovation in grills. Since then, the company has developed many other models to meet the needs of different customers, continuing to innovate with patented proprietary products.

The Brand

Over the years, GRESILVA® has won over its customers through the quality of its products and services, becoming a credible brand widely accepted by culinary professionals.

The brand that stands out!


We are dedicated to manufacturing and serving with Quality, aiming for Safety and full Customer Satisfaction, anywhere in the world.

The commitment to Quality has always been a premise of the company, and proof of this is the certification of the Vertical Grill according to German VDE standards as early as 1987, a rare event at the time for Portuguese products.

Currently, all GRESILVA® grills comply with the current European directives – CE marking, and some are UL/CSA certified, allowing their marketing in the USA and Canada.

Continuous Improvement in Quality is a constant process at GRESILVA®, serving as a guideline that drives the company to improve all its products and services.

Research and Development (R&D)

With patented inventions, R&D plays an extremely important role at GRESILVA®, aiming to continuously improve the manufactured products.

R&D is intrinsically linked to the extensive experience of over 30 years of the company’s existence and the implemented software, which allows the development and improvement of each component individually, resulting in a complete equipment. Moreover, these software programs enable the organization, programming, and control of production in a more cost-effective manner. This approach allows GRESILVA® to meet all customers’ needs with grills manufactured according to the strictest safety and quality criteria.