Solutions for Individuals

GRESILVA® Grills are gas-powered. Although designed for professional use, they have also been chosen by many individuals, both in the built-in version and the Garden Grill version.

Their simplicity, speed, and efficiency are the most attractive factors for barbecue enthusiasts. Nowadays, providing a healthy and easy-to-prepare meal for the family is the goal of many. With a GRESILVA® Grill, you can enjoy grilled food every day.

Advantages of having a GRESILVA® Grill

  • FAST – Ready to grill in 3 minutes, adjustable temperature.
  • SIMPLE – Easy to use and clean.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Very low carbon monoxide emissions, reduced smoke.
  • HEALTHY – 100% natural heat, no flare-ups, no charring of food.
  • STURDY – A grill for life (AISI304 stainless steel).
  • VERSATILE – Allows grilling meat and fish simultaneously without mixing flavors.

Now you can personalize your grill with your preferred color, just provide the respective RAL code.

What sets us apart!

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Built-In Solution

Built-In Solution

Built-in solutions aim to satisfy the needs of those who seek to combine functionality with design in their space. Speed, economy, profitability, ecology, hygiene, and health are concerns for any consumer, and the GRESILVA® Horizontal Gas Grill fully meets all these conditions.

The energy source for the GRESILVA® Horizontal Gas Grill is gas, which, through the existing combustion system, produces 100% natural heat with very low carbon monoxide emissions, no flare-ups, and no use of charcoal.

The pleasure of grilling all year round!

GRESILVA® Garden Grill

GRESILVA® Garden Grill

Designed for outdoor use, the GRESILVA® Garden Grill is the ideal barbecue for enjoying healthy meals with family and friends in the comfort of your own space, on your terrace, or in your garden. Rediscover the true taste of food with an innovative grilling system where the heat is 100% natural.

The GRESILVA® Garden Grill is characterized by:

  • Easy to move – has 4 wheels, 2 with brakes.
  • Safe – compartment for the gas bottle.
  • Quality – CE marking.

The good taste of life lies in a healthy diet.
Eat grilled food, Without flames and Without charcoal!