GRESILVA® Multifuncional Rotary Grill

The GRESILVA® Rotary Grill was created to meet the markets where this type of cooking is a tradition, such as Brazil and consequently Portugal.

With the same concept as horizontal grills, the GRESILVA® Rotary Grill has the necessary heat for cooking at 3 levels, without the residues falling onto the heat source, avoiding smoke and without the need for charcoal.

Give your customers superior grilled food!

The market is accustomed to the rotary grill, with charcoal underneath or heat from above. In the first solution, there is always the problem of the residues falling onto the embers, causing immediate flames and dense smoke. In the second solution, the cooking is slower and the food loses more juice.

The burners operating at their maximum flow provide a temperature of 850º on the radiation plates in just a few seconds, achieving the desired ember without flame and without charcoal.

  • Turns on and is ready to grill
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Constant ember without charcoal
  • No need for preheating
  • 3 levels of movable spits
  • Horizontal grill
  • Water drawer to collect fat
  • European CE certification
  • 2-year warranty