Garden Grill Line

Designed for outdoor use, the GRESILVA®‘s Garden Grill is response to a premium outdoor barbecue anywhere. The robust and elegant design, as well as the mobility provided by 4 sturdy wheels, two of which have brakes, make it the ideal solution for kitchen professionals in outdoor activities. From rustic to sophisticated service, the GRESILVA® Garden Grill is the ideal solution to provide unforgettable moments to your customers.

Any of the GRESILVA® Garden Grill models is characterized by:

  • Electric igniter
  • Ready to grill in 3 minutes
  • 100% natural heat, no charcoal
  • Adjustable temperature – up to 350 degrees
  • Allows grilling meat and fish simultaneously without mixing flavors
  • Does not carbonize food
  • Does not produce flames
  • Reduced smoke because 90% of the fat remains in the water
  • Easy to clean
  • Fat collection drawer with water
  • No inhalation of carbon monoxide by the operator
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced labor
  • Robust (made of AISI 3014 stainless steel), prepared for long periods of operation
  • Safe – CE marking
  • With 4 wheels, 2 with brakes
  • Low maintenance
  • Compartment for gas bottle

Suitable for catering companies, hotels, and restaurants that strive for excellence in their outdoor space or terrace, it provides an authentic, hygienic, and healthy barbecue with 100% natural heat, without impregnating odors, in a calm, safe, and relaxed environment.