Electric Vertical Grills

1 - Food to Grill
2 - Heat Radiation
3 - Free fall of residues and fats

Gresilva® Electric Vertical Grill

Vertical Grills are perfect for achieving a true barbecued chicken, free of fat and carbon residue, healthy, with all the flavor your customers are looking for, and with a quick and efficient production response.

Grilled food is a very practical and healthy form of eating. Electric Vertical Grill allows for 100% natural heat radiation, which does not alter the quality or taste of grilled foods, while maintaining their nutritional value.

With the heat source on the side, the GRESILVA® Electric Vertical Grill does not produce flames, so the formation of highly carcinogenic substances called benzopyrenes, which occur whenever organic matter, especially of animal or vegetable origin, carbonizes, is avoided.

  • Easy to handle
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Does not require sophisticated exhaust system
  • 100% natural heat
  • Does not release carbon monoxide
  • Constant ember
  • Independent connection for each grill
  • Individual timer for each grill
  • Adjustable temperature, 50ºC – 300ºC
  • Quick preparation with high quality – Barbecue Chicken 1kg – 20 minutes
  • Has direct water inlet and outlet, with a consumption-controlling solenoid valve
  • 80 to 90% of the fat remains in the water, not going into the exhaust system
  • Low energy consumption
  • Has a display case to keep the cooked food warm

The quick, clean, and efficient solution for your barbecue!

GV Line

GV Line

Electric Vertical Grill allows for high productivity and performance in small spaces.

GV Line Add-Ons

GV Line Add-Ons

The GV Line offers a set of add-ons that aim to optimize the operation in your barbecue.